MTB Trails

Test your levels of experience on 3 different MTB routes, from an easy 10km to a gruelling 40km!

1. ~10km – TURN AROUND Track:
An easy 5km down to Keerom (turn around) dam turn around and back, spot some Rhebok along the way and watch out for the holes in the track dug by our resident Aardvark.

2. ~40km – RED HEIGHT Track:
Our toughest track stretches over 40km, including jeep-, farm- and some tar roads on Rooihoogte Pass (Red Heights) for the down hill high speed section, before you ascend via our approach road and down into Simonskloof. Plenty of farm activities along the trail, some interesting Geocaches for those that like to make it fun ride rather that a Cape Epic training session.

3. ~100km – Koo & Montagu…
If this is all too short, you can explore the rest of the Koo Valley, head down the Burgers pass via the Keisie valley to Montagu and back.

The dust roads simply hold no limits!